Crepes and Treats, create wonderful sweet and savory Crepes that abound to delight your taste buds. If you’re looking for a treat or bite to eat you can go wrong with anything they serve, come and give them a try. Order Here

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Member Story Book: Crepes And Treats  

Anyone who tastes a crepe or a slice of cake knows that Juarez is passionate about his craft; the facts are in the flavor. Crepes And Treats, like all of the merchants in Urban Eats FoodHall, is a start-up eatery. But Juarez isn’t a beginner.   

At only six years old, Juarez prepped supplies and topped pastries in a real bakery in Mexico. When he moved to California, he studied the craft in high school, in community college, at The Culinary Institute of America at Copia. Later, Juarez moved to Spain for nine months to study under world-renowned pastry chef Paco Torreblanca. Classically trained, Juarez has worked in five kitchens and two hotel chains, including six different branches of the Four Seasons.  

As a pastry chef at the Four Seasons, Juarez built chocolate sculptures and honey lavender mousse, but you won’t find that stunning content on the Crepes And Treats Facebook page. Juarez wants to make a new image for himself in the pastry world. For that, he relies on his customers to spread the word of his business and not on previous connections and status.   

Juarez always looks to improve his skills, and starting Crepes And Treats is another way to do that. Despite his education, Juarez acknowledges, “I’m a beginner because this [eatery] is the first place I am starting myself.”   

That’s how the Dutchtown neighborhood got sweet and savory crepes.